Sep. 22nd, 2010

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This is mostly just to test the ability of DW to crosspost to the eljays successfully, but I also haven't posted much in a while so I figured I might as well.

The reason for the aforementioned lack of posting is simple: I have been crazy-busy. I'm succeeding myself to death at work. I got us access to huge subject pools, now I need to wrestle all the materials to actually run the studies and figure out schedules and WHARRGARBLE. So, that's been taking up my days (well, that and everything else I have to do). When I get home there are projects that have required my attention, and somewhere in there I have to apply to grad schools. That increasingly looks like a weekends thing, because I just don't have the brain to handle it when I come home from work during the week.

Gaming-wise, well, it's been EVE and Recettear mostly. EVE is as it ever is. I'm at a point where I have a great deal of choice in what I do, but my playtime has been restricted enough that I really don't have opportunity to do much. I'll hopefully get some time this weekend to really poke around and, I don't know, make my trade/haul alt an actual successful trader rather than just a painfully slow source of extraneous isk.

As for Recettear, well, what the hell is Recettear you ask? To any JRPG fan, imagine Persona 4 as executed by Nippon Ichi, and replace the murder mystery with an economics textbook. In layman's terms, you play as the owner of an item shop in a JRPG world, and you hire adventurers to go into dungeons and acquire goods for you, dungeons which are randomly generated and you have direct control of the adventurer. You only get to use one adventurer at a time, but there are something like seven adventurers to pick from and they all handle radically differently. It's a very good time, and it scratches that same capitalist itch as EVE, just in a completely different context.

I don't know why I love capitalism games so much. I think it's escapism for my repressed urge to go to business school or something.

Certain other projects have also fallen by the wayside (see: Special Topics), to be picked up in due course. I'm still not sure if I will be more or less busy when I get to grad school. I think on balance I might be as if not more busy, but because I'll have a flexible schedule I won't feel as busy. Hell, just being able to go to bed later than 10pm without paying for it the next day would be nice.

With that I should probably return to work. Speaking of capitalism...


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