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So Scott Pilgrim. Just watched it. It had some brilliant moments, I'll say first of all. When Scott rises out of the rubble playing Uematsu's battle theme to fight Vegan Todd...yes, I laughed like a maniac, much to the confusion of my family.

Did I mention I watched it with my family? This is possibly an indication of how much it sanitizes geek culture. It wasn't my idea to watch this.

Anyways, Scott himself is never a character I found particularly sympathetic, so I feel he was well cast. The battle sequences were 100% great, because Michael Cera got punched a lot, and occasionally cool shit happened. The aesthetic was magnficiently handled and I respect the production for that. Props to everyone involved for keeping it just the way it was in the comic.

It was exactly as good as the comic. Take that how you will.

Scott diving out the window as his roommate says "he just left" without blinking was one of those pristine moments of comedic timing that movies need more of.

Did I mention Michael Cera is incredibly punchable? I really dislike him for some reason.

Blah blah prize woman issues Knives gets it in the shorts and the whole conceit is kind of stupid. Plus the whole "bi-furious" sequence ground my nerves with a file.

The use of Zelda music was well done. The use of rock music was...acceptably done. The douchebag final villain was suitably douchebag.

So. Movie well done. None of the problems I have with it are its own, they are the comic's.


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