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Your city has been covered in a paper-thin sheet of invisible ice, which has then been covered in water. You must brave a near-zero friction coefficient, psychotic drivers, tumbling southerners, and unexpected puddles over a mile of rush-hour sidewalks. Your challenge doesn't end there! Through the next eight hours you must brave continuing rainfall and dodge deadly ice chunks as they slide from the rooftops, all while moving around almost 1500 envelopes that need to be sorted and delivered by tomorrow morning! Welcome to...[personal profile] jkefka's day at work!


So the Big Patch/expansion hit yesterday. As with all of CCP's efforts, some of it is good and some of it is very problematic. They broke a relatively small number of things for a patch this ambitious, and did make a number of improvements I really like to navigation and a few other common tasks. They also changed a few mechanics in a way that makes the game as a whole a little more dangerous, in subtle ways. Things like how close you can get to things before they will decloak your tiny, defenseless scout ships, and how far your lumbering capital ship will land from the safety of a starbase when it jumps into a system. There is much whining and gnashing of teeth, of course, but overall while these changes make the game much more dangerous, you just have to be a little more on your toes and you should be fine.

The big change was that they wiped out all the old character portraits and everyone had to make a new one with a new engine. Even though your portrait is the ONLY time you have a face in-game, this was the source of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Once people started logging in, though, the results were...interesting, and not as bad as many people thought they would be. For an idea, let me show you my old portrait and my new one.

As you can see, it's a rather drastic upgrade in graphics. The end result is a little less expressive, but I like the vaguely homicidal look.

The new character creator has also been used to great effect in a few amazing characters. This one, I have no idea who it is, looks a lot like Freddie Mercury:

I'm also personally quite fond of one of my alts, who will never serve any purpose but checking the market but came out very cute:

Of course, with any big change like this, some treasures are lost for good. This guy was legendary for having the best portrait in EVE. Alas, no longer. Backdoor Bandit, we hardly knew ye.

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